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Cooking Recipes From These:

(From My Black  Cookbook Collection)


Soul Food Cookbooks and Cookbooks by African Americans with Family Photo

A Date With A Dish by Freda DeKnight (Hermitage Press Inc., 1948)

What Mrs. Fisher Knows About Old Southern Cooking by Mrs. Abby Fisher (Women's Co-Operative Printing Office, San Francisco, 1891)

Spoonbread and Strawberry Wine by Norma Jean and Carole Darden (Doubleday and Co., 1978)

The Negro Chef Cookbook by Leonard E. Roberts(Kendall Printing Co., Falmouth, MA.,1969)


Donna's In Season



Sweet Potatoes


Black-Eyed Peas

Brussels Sprouts

Greens: Mustard, Kale,

       Collards, Turnip



Tools We Like:

Mini Prep Bowls

Our favorites offer:

*secure grip for wet hands 

*measuring lines (tablespoons)



Scrolling Photo Credits from Page Top, including Julia Child, Marcus Samuelsson, Art Smith, Leah Chase and more…

Counter-Clockwise Beginning with Wedding:

1. Donna's parents (Muriel & Eliot Batte) w/ Mobile, Alabama wedding party, June 28, 1950. ( Eliot Battle & flower girl, Peggy Cooper Caffritz, 2009.)

2. Donna with Art Smith.

3. Donna's paternal great aunts (c.1890)

Wilson, North Carolina.

4. Donna with Julia Child, Greenbrier Hotel, 1997.

5. From private photo collection, unknown Boone County Missouri Couple/WW1.

6. Donna, Donna's Father, Eliot Battle, Sr., Chef Marcus Samuelsson.



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To Do List
Thanksgiving 2016 10 Days From:


1. Find & Test or Buy strainer for gravy
2. Check to make sure Roasting Pan (with low sides) is large enough for this year’s turkey
3. Test 2 thick and puffy oven mitts (for both hands)
4. Test instant-read thermometer
5. Check markets for good-quality unsalted butter and heavy foil at amazingly low prices. (many run great sales before Turkey Day...and butter freezes well.)




Donna Battle Pierce Celebrates Soulful Cooks, Cookbooks, Soul Food, Creole & Southern Recipes



headshot Donna Battle Pierce


We are standing on the shoulders of giants…

Alexis“How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant of the weak and strong. Because someday in your life you will have been all of these.”

-George Washington Carver






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Whole Foods Ad calling Collards the New Kale


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recent artlcles by Donna Battle Pierce about Black American Cooking and Soul Food




Skillet Diary Cookbooks™ preserve family recipes

Traditional Family Recipes
Skinny Soul Food Recipes






Skillet Diaries™ Salute

John Pinderhughes, Award-Winning Photographer, (Commercial and Fine Art); Cookbook author

"My true love for cooking began with my grandmother…"

…John Pinderhughes

Born: January 26, Washington DC
Cooking Style: "Regional recipes shared by Black American and Caribbean family and friends.

Memorable Quote: "I've talked my way into many a kitchen. I've been fortunate in knowing and becoming close to lots of wonderful people, many of whom shared not only their love and their lives but their cooking…"

Special Honors:

Clio Awards; Art Directors Club; CEBA Award of Excellence

Why we celebrate John Pinderhughes: He reminds us to appreciate the beauty in simple things, including shared recipes and the people who share them.



Family of the Spirit, 1990;         Coming Together, 2003 (w/Harriet


Weiss and Jews;

Skillet Diary™ Flavors of Home

Family of the Spirit

Although we have never met in person, John Pinderhughes and I have cooked together since my now gently worn book with bent page corners and spills was fresh off the press.

Of the thousands of cookbooks in my collection, only a half dozen make the single shelf in my kitchen reserved for "cooking books" where Family of the Spirit has earned a special place.



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