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Go Fish

Mom’s Oven-Fried Fish Begin with a Sizzle

Gofish 0032015-02-14click the image for recipe

After my mother adapted this more healthful (but no less delicious) version of fried fish by eliminating deep frying and, instead, quickly sautéing the fish in a small amount of oil, she added a clever name to her delicious recipe which became a year-round family favorite.
We were all in elementary school when she created her “more roasted than fried fish tips.” Today, the four siblings laugh at the fact that we were adults before we stopped searching for Froasted Fish (a little fry/mostly roasted)  on restaurant menus.


Salmon Sliders

Everything Tastes Better in a Sweet Potato Biscuit


Pierce_biscuit_slider_012115 click the image for recipe

 Create a platter of Sliders with these flaky Sweet Potato Biscuits filled with prepared (or even purchased) salmon, barbecue brisket or  roasted vegetables. Bake the biscuits early in the day and store at room temperature in foil or food storage bags. When ready to serve, brush the biscuits lightly with olive oil or butter before layering them with fillings.


Snow Day Salad

Blizzard Salad 105 click the image for recipe

I tossed chourico slices (Portuguese version of my favorite smoke chorizo) halibut, boiled egg, roasted garlic and salad bar falafel during the brutal winter when I first began research at Harvard. When I returned to Cambridge in July to complete my research as a 2015 Visiting Newman Foundation Scholar, vine-ripened tomatoes, lettuce, fresh crab, clams, oysters, wild salmon and cod topped the delicious dinner salads fully appreciated after long days spent researching. Not pictured: my always present 0-fat Greek yogurt stirred with horseradish to flavor as a dipping sauce/dressing.


Cookbook Connections

A Personal Side to Research


Abby Fisher original 103

Abby Fisher and I followed similar paths a century apart. Mobile…Missouri… San Francisco. During my last trip to the Schlesinger Library, I touched this original 1881 edition…took a deep breath and said “thank you.”

2014 cover

Celebrate with healthy snacks, such as “Old-School” Popcorn made in a heavy pot with white hull less popcorn, peanut oil and coarse salt.



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Each time a good cook dies without passing down recipes, family dishes become suddenly lost
forever.~Donna Battle Pierce


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